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What's up I'm Ed! I struggle with social anxiety and I'm not afraid to admit it. This project I did was a form of dealing with it and being more out there. The idea is to go to various places and ask people to give a single song recommendation that I would put into a playlist. I figured its was the easiest question to ask since everyone was different taste in music.

So it begins...

Day 1 


First off shout out my homies Rick and R9 for coming with me the first day made things a lot easier. Us living in the NWA area go to the U of A campus that is the town over. We decided to go outside the Union and ask the people coming in and out. Getting there we got to the parking tower nearest to it. Immediately getting out the car I ask some guy if he could recommend me a song. One of the weirdest interactions in my life, man looks at me confused, looking at me franticly and almost like a panic " No, what, no. What's this for? No I don't got time." and just walked off. I looked at Rick who drove confused as fuck wondering what just happened. So we already off to a good start. The first actual person was some tall dude (I'm 6'0 6'1 they always tell me something different anyways man was still taller than me which is wild) gave me "Dark Fantasy" by Kanye West (shout out bro for not being weird like the first dude). With that the project had 

begun. Quick I figured how anxious I was cause it felt like my heart was gonna explode even before getting there but we were there and I can't back down so I pushed through. Got a couple songs from people walking the sidewalks. My first interesting song recommendation came from a country boy who gave me "MTV CRIBZ" by dedwrite which was the last thing I expected. This peaked my interest fast since I already love music and in my head I thought I was gonna get a lot of repeats and mainstream songs (which still happened but not as much as I thought). This not only helped me talking with people but also find new music so thanks to everyone who helped with this. We got to the Union where we spent prolly an hour or 2 outside seeing what's up asking everyone coming in or out or around (keep in mind this is in February in NWA so its not freezing like the north but it's still cold asf). Forgot to mention R9 was walking his brothers husky with us so after sometime he figured it was time to return him. Me and Rick would tag along, the only thing is that I ended being 

left behind by myself since I was in the middle of asking a group of people. This is where paranoia settled in but I knew it was all in my head and after once again hesitated like if I wasn't already asking people for the past couple of hours. This is when I realized it was all in my head even though I felt anxious and paranoid (really I still feel like this with people but not that same, hard to explain), people are nice well at least the people I talked to. After sometime Rick and R9 returned where I was ready to leave because my hands were so frozen I could barely type and so Day 1 came to an end.

FIRST SONG: "Toxic" by Brittney Spears                LAST SONG: "Chonks" by Snarky puppy

DAY 1 Total: 124 songs 8 hrs 10 mins

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